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Price per set of 3 boules, in a plastic case.
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Very soft alloy, ideal for shooters.

Alloy: carbon steel
Finish: matte black (wears off over time)
Hardness: 37HrC - 120 kg/mm2


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    La Franc SB boules

    Posted by Stephen Ferg on Dec 20th 2023

    If you're buying your first set of competition boules, the La Franc SB is an excellent choice. It is a high quality, reasonably priced, soft boule. If you prefer a harder boule, the La Franc SM is also an excellent choice. Many players experiment with purchasing several sets of boules of different sizes and weights until they find what is right for them. Eventually they find the size and weight that works for them, and then they may choose to purchase an expensive set of boules with more bells and whistles or an upscale brand name. Whatever you eventually end up with, the La Franc boules, with their reasonable prices, will enable you to afford to experiment a bit before making your final choice. Or you may end up sticking with La Franc. The quality is good and they are, after all, certified competition boules. Personally, I've been playing regularly with La Franc boules for the last 14 years, and I'm still happy with them. The bottom line is that in the category of affordable entry-level competition boules, the La Franc SB and SM are your best choice. On that basis I rate them 5 stars out of 5.