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Price is for 3 boules, wooden target ball and cloth sleeve in a carton.

Please note that our vendor is currently facing inventory issues on some diameters and weights. We will do our best to update the availability as their stock changes.

The absolute top of the line champion boule.
Made from the same nickel chromium stainless steel as used in aircrafts, to meticulous standards.

  • Hardness: 130 kg/mm2.
  • Finish: satin slightly gold (wears off over time)
  • Special nickel chromium stainless steel, used in the aerospace and atomic energy industry.
  • Yield strength at 0.2% (100 Kg/mm²).
  • Exceptional controlled balancing.



Depending on use, terrains played and relative humidity, Obut ATX boule may require maintenance after each game and at least once a month, if it is not used.

The little Obut advicedo not leave your Obut ATX boules in the trunk of your car, it will be exposed to sudden temperature variations that cause condensation.

These conditions of high humidity will be detrimental to your boules by promoting their oxidation.

So remember to take your boules out of the trunk of your car to store them indoors, dry.


Price includes air freight from France to us.