Obut "Floral"

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Set of 3 stainless steel boules.

Obut Leisure balls for sport and relaxation with family or friends. Leisure balls have a unique diameter and a standard weight allowing them to suit a wide variety of players from 12 years and up. 

Obut leisure balls are not allowed in competition play. 

No worries about rust, or peeling chrome plating.
With a pouch to store them, and 1 target ball. Made in France.


Obut petanque balls 100% stainless steel.

  • Natural stainless steel satin finish
  • Ø ≥ 73 mm.Weight≥ 620 g
  • Hardness: Soft

NOTE: these boules cannot be picked up with a magnet.



The little Obut advicedo not leave your balls in the trunk of your car, it is exposed to sudden temperature variations that lead to condensation.

These conditions of high humidity will, in the long run, be detrimental to your balls by promoting their oxidation.
So remember to take your balls out of the trunk of your car to store them indoors, dry.