Obut Junior Leisure Boules - Chevron

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3 100% stainless steel boules for your children! Made for smaller hands. 

Comes with a black, soft pouch and a natural wood target ball.

Not allowed in competition.

  • 100% stainless steel balls
  • Natural stainless steel satin finish
  • Ø ≥ 64 mm
  • Weight≥ 500 g.
  • Hardness: Tender


Depending on their intensive use or not, the nature of the fields played, the ambient humidity, etc ...., in order to avoid oxidation, the Chevron Junior Stainless Steel Leisure Balls require maintenance after each game and at least 1 time per month if they are not used.

The little Obut advice: do not leave your balls in the trunk of your car, it is exposed to sudden temperature variations that lead to condensation.
These conditions of high humidity will, in the long run, be detrimental to your balls by promoting their oxidation.
So remember to take your balls out of the trunk of your car to store them indoors, dry.