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Price is for 3 boules, wooden target ball and cloth sleeve in a carton. 

The "Thunderball." For players who appreciate the qualities of softer boules. Excellent controlled balancing.

• Weight 650 to 800 g.
• Hardness greater than or equal to 110 Kg/mm2.
• Quenched and tempered carbon steel.
• Excellent controlled balancing.
• Finish, satin black, normally fading with use.
• Carbon steel: requires regular oil maintenance to prevent oxidation.


If your preference (size/weight/design) is not available from our stock, or you'd like engraving, we can order it from the factory, see Custom Orders.

To select boules from inventory, choose an available size from In stock-size in the upper section.

Please note that inventory items cannot be engraved.


  • Obut TON'R petanque ball is covered with a black coating
    Over the course of use, due to terrain, this coating scratches, shrinks or disappears completely, to reveal the raw steel
  • The TON'R, made of carbon steel, requires maintenance after each part and at least once a month if not in use

The little Obut advicedo not leave your balls in the trunk of your car, it is exposed to sudden temperature variations that lead to condensation.

These conditions of high humidity will, in the long run, be detrimental to your balls by promoting their oxidation.
So remember to take your balls out of the trunk of your car to store them indoors, dry.