Sport Indoor Mini - 6 Pack (48mm/180g)

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Soft PVC coated boules, recommended for indoor play. Safe for hardwood, tile and gym floors! These boules are quite small and very cute.  For comparison, the standard golf ball is 42mm in diameter, which is a bit smaller than each boule at 48mm.  The cochonnet in the photo is the correct standard diameter.  Introduce your children and/or  grandchildren to a game that can be played a lifetime.    

  • Mini diameter of 48mm and 180g (1.89 inches and 6.35 oz)
  • Great for playing inside during inclement weather, rehabilitaiton facilities and schools!

Set of 6 boules comes with one soft target ball and cardboard box. 

Comes in combinations of the following:

  • Red / Marine
  • Kiwi / Citron